How to Get a Woman to Refuse Your Proposal

I love The Swan Princess! When I was growing up, a friend and I were obsessed with it and we would watch it over and over again.

watch movie over and over

For those of you who have never seen it, Derek and Odette are the children of two different kingdoms and their parents have arranged a tentative match for them. The King and Queen really want the two to get married and unite their kingdoms, but at the same time are realistic enough to know that it might not work out that way. They try their very best though, forcing Derek and Odette to spend every summer together. At first the two hate each other, but as they age their views of each other change. However, when Derek proposes he screws up royally…

Odette leaves, hurt at his words, and gets kidnapped by her father’s disgruntled magician. The father is killed and Odette is believed dead as well; but has actually been transformed into a swan, and hidden away. Derek is the only who believes her to be alive and sets out to do all he can to find and save her.

Sigh romantic

How sweet!

It is a great film that I highly recommend, but watching it again as an adult this scene hits a bit different. In fact the bad proposal reminds me of another…



Swan Princess mr. Darcy

Darcy and Derek both need help in that department.


It’s like jeez, you think with their education they both would have known what to say to a woman…


At least they both do a much better job the next time they propose.



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