A Frederick Wentworth Sighting

So the other day I had a Capt. Frederick Wentworth sighting! 😀

I was sitting at a table at this little cafe waiting for a friend, when I overheard these two people talking. This guy was telling his friend that he didn’t like this girl because:

“she is too easily manipulted into changing her mind. I don’t like people who are like that they just annoy me.”

I spun around in my chair and looked at the guy thinking to myself “That’s almost exactly what CAPTAIN FREDERICK WENTWORTH SAYS!!!!!!!

He tells his sister and Louisa that in looking for a woman he likes one with a strong mind that is not easily persuaded, but one who is firm in her beliefs.

So there we are, my first ever Captain Wentworth sighting! 😀

Fredrick Wentworth

If only I had spoke to him. But darn I let him walk right by. Oh, well!

Supernaturaldean whinchester shrug smile oh well

Oh well…

It was probably better this way. I might have turned out to be his Louise. 



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