Get It!


Now I love to read, I mean check out my bibliophile posts. (My Dear Friends, The Important Things in Life, Surviving the Worst, They Change You, Hardest Decision of My Life, Me Me & Me Again, Best Pick Up Line Ever!, If Only, Words to Live Byand Never Enough Time.)

I love bookstores and libraries and being in any areas with books. I’ve always wanted a library like in Beauty and the Beast or The Swan Princess

BeautyandtheBeast Library

They’re HUGE!! And AMAZING!!!


I mean come on girl, get your priorities in order. Get that Library at all costs. 😉


 I mean Darcy was a total jerk in Pride & Prejudice, but I have to admit if he asked me to marry him, I would consider it momentarily as I would think about the amazing library that he would have in his home. Of course, he being a jerkface at the time would make me definitely say no, but still I would think about it.

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