Mr. Darcy Talked to Me

Yes, it’s true, Mr. Darcy spoke to me!


Now calm down you all, before you cart me off to the crazy train, its not like that. So I’ve mentioned in some earlier posts that I have a twitter, tumblr, and facebook page; on which I post other things than these posts. You know pictures I like, Man Candy MOnday, Throwback Thursday, etc. Well a few weeks ago I did Colin Firth for Man Candy Monday as Mr. Darcy and guess what! He tweeted me back!!! Mr. Darcy, not Colin Firth.

Say What

Yeah check it out!

Mr. Darcy Pride and Prejudice

He thanked me!

So romantic!

So romantic!


Now I know he’s not the real Mr. Darcy. But still, it really cute that he did that so I can pretend Darcy actually had a conversation with me (J/K)

Mr.Darcy & Dating

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