30 Day Challenge: All About Me!


So last year I did a 30 day challenge on Disney. I covered my favorite films, songs, moments, etc. To read more on it, go to 30 Day Challenge: Disney Edition. This year I decided the 30 Day challenge would be on something else. It would be about me!

Mal_huh Whoa Wow what

I know I have shared quite a lot of things about myself, but readers I think it is time you learned a bit more. So get ready!


1) Put Your Music Player on Shuffle and Write the First 10 Songs that Play

2) Your Most Treasured Item

3) Bullet Your Whole Day

4)A Quote You Try to Live By

5) If You Could Go Anywhere, Where Would It Be?

6) Your Views on Mainstream Music

7) What You Ate Today

8) One Thing You’re Excited For

9) Something That Has Inspired You

10) What You Wore Today

11)Something You Want to Do Before You Die

12) Your Celebrity Look-A-Like

13)Something That You’re Proud Of

14) Your Favorite Holiday

15) Five Random Facts

16)Five Weird Things You Like

17) Five Pet Peeves 

18) Somewhere You Would Like to Move to or Visit

19) Something That You Miss

20) What You Night Was Like

21) Last Film You Saw in Theaters

22) Something You Never Expected

23) Your Dream House

24) A Book You Love

25) Your Family

26)Five Guys Who You Find Attractive

27) Five Ways to Win Your Heart

28)Something You Regret

29)Things You Want to Say to an Ex

30) Your Opinion About Your Body and How Comfortable You Are With It

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