Why Were You Driven Away?


19) Something That You Miss

I really, really, really miss the drive-in.

Missing You

As you can guess, in my home town the drive-in closed.



Sadly, the man who owned the drive-in, didn’t actually own the property. Every year the landlord would raise the rent, until the guy said forget it. It’s not worth it anymore.



It then became a swamp meet, but eventually closed down and is nothing but a former shell.

In fact, not only did my town’s drive-in close down, but all the ones in the area. You have to drive an hour and a half away to get to one. And it’s not just us, drive-ins everywhere are closing down and I don’t know why, they are awesome.

I love the drive-in, bringing a bunch of people in a car and watching the film under the stars. Having a ginormpus screen! Oh, it’s just the coolest. We need to bring those back. We need to make this happen everyone.

We can do it

Until then, let me leave you with this very memorable drive-in moment. 🙂


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