Jane Austen Birthday Party: What’s in Your Purse Game

So as you know if you have been following my page, I just celebrated my 29th birthday with a Jane Austen Garden Tea Party.

In my earlier posts, I have shared invitations, decorations, the menu, piñata, prizes, paper fan making, croquet, and more.

But you can’t have a party without games! The first game was Jane Austen trivia and the second game was a tea tray memory game. For the third game I decided to go with “Guess How Many Sugar Cubes”. For the last game I wanted to do “best dressed”, but my sister refused to help me by judging the winner. So instead we did “What’s In Your Purse?” I had wanted to do a Tea version a friend did a few years ago at a party, but I couldn’t find a copy of it and neither could she. I found this one online instead.

This game is always fun, and of course it just depends on whether the guests brought their big purse or a little one.

The winner received the teapot, honey, and scone mix from the Tea Tray Memory Game.

I know I’m sure you all wondering what else could I possibly share but I’m not done! I still have my music choices, my hair, my regency dress, and what kind of party favors I gave out to to share. Stay tuned!

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