Jane Austen Birthday Party: Party Favors II

So as you know if you have been following my page, I just celebrated my 29th birthday with a Jane Austen Garden Tea Party.

In my earlier posts, I have shared some of the earlier pieces in putting the party together and of course I had to go over the party favors.

But I realized after I posted it, I completely forgot to include what I put in the gift bags for the little girls who attended my party!

From Clueless

So like for the adults, all the girls were given a teacup of their choice. I had picked out a few small ones especially for the little girls Each cup cost no more than $4, varying from $2-$4.

I needed more bags than the ones I purchased at Hobby Lobby, so I ended up going to the dollar tree where I got three brown bags with pink sparkles for a $1.

The girls were also each given a reusable teabag from Madsen Creations and for the material I chose this beautiful flowered print in the shapes of different fruit. Strawberries and pineapples were a must have in regency times.

Each girl was also given a beautiful gold teaspoons from Best Starloop. A set of 16 for $15.99 ($0.99 each).

And each girl was also given a bag filled with loose leaf tea I already owned, giving each person a different tea. The tea I used was: Adagio Tea Scottish Breakfast, Caroline’s Coffee Roasters Princess Earl Grey, Crafted Leaf Golden Tip Lapsang Souchong, Good Earth Rosa de Jamaica, Harts of America Sleepynight Tea Extra Strength, Tiesta Tea Fruity Paradise, Tiesta Tea Nutty Almond Cream, Tiesta Tea Royal Breakfast, Tiesta Tea Victorian Earl Grey, and TWG Singapore Breakfast

I also gave them each Chocolate or Vanilla wafers, each one only costing $0.38 in the bulk section at Winco.

But while these were nice, I also wanted to make sure the girls had more fun in their party favors. They also were each given a rose pen and a slinky (the pens were $1 at the Dollar tree and the slinkys came in packs of 2 for $1. I also gave the girls the leftover balloons from the pack I used to make my teapot piñata.

They came out to be about $8 a party favor. The girls all liked it and used their bags to store their candy from the piñata.

We are almost done with my party plans. Can you believe it? Just a few more things to share.

For more of my Jane Austen Birthday plans, go to Jane Austen Birthday Party: Party Favors

For more Jane Austen party ideas, go to Jane Austen Birthday Party: What’s in Your Purse Game

And in other news, Happy 4th of July! I hope you all have a safe and fun holiday!

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