Kiss Her!: The Decision, Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl (2012)

Most Romantic Moment #8

“The Decision” from Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl (2012)

So back when this came out as webisodes, my friend really liked it and showed it to me, and then I shared it with my sister and we all became obsessed and would eagerly wait for the next episode to be released. Every time I see Issa Rae I always think of J.

****Spoiler Alert****

J (Issa Rae) is awkward woman-an awkward woman that who’s awkwardness is so relatable. I’m serious, this show was awesome and it was all because of her. It was just perfect!

So J works for a company called Gutbusters with a group of crazy coworkers. One of which is really hot and she is totally crushing on, Fred. She tries to go out with him, but her work arch-nemesis, Nina, is also after him.

At a party she meets Jay, who she calls white Jay (as he is white), who is interested in her but she isn’t sure about him. They end up running int each other when she blows up at work for people stealing her stapler and has to go to anger management (White Jay is the instructor).

The show follows her as she has to deal with her work, her angry Boss Lady, a man she wants to avoid A, her crush on Fred, and White Jay. As the series progresses, she gets involved with Fred and Jay and has to decide which man to end up with.

This scene comes at the very end of season one. J has to make her decision about Fred and White Jay. Which guy to get with? I personally was rooting for White Jay, as I loved watching them together.

How romantic!

J has decided that White Jay is the one for her-they are dynomite together (if you watched the show you get it) and goes after him. She stumbles into a session that Jay is having with Leslie but both share their feelings, and how they want to be together.

But then after they have talked Leslie starts chanting “kiss her, kiss her”, they do and it is so romantic!

How romantic!

Aw, the pleasure you get when the characters you love finally get together.