I Just Haven’t Met You Yet

So often we feel like the world we live in will never reach our expectations, and we will be stuck in lacklusterness.

Reality Sucks

And in one particular department? Relationships.


Sometimes you reach the point where you feel you will be alone forever. That you will never meet anyone who will be your perfect match.

HowI MetYOurMotherAloneRobin

But don’t despair.


Yep. Just hold on, your person is out there. It may take a while until you meet them, but you will find them. Just wait!


And just to end this on a jazzy note:


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Crazy Book Lady

So you all know how much I love to read, right?

book _wayneedairrichardmarek

So the other day I was at church when someone gave flowers to their spouse for their wedding anniversary. I was telling my friends that I think flowers are nice but they die. And what does that say about how you feel?


I mean they are nice, but they really don’t send the right message. You know what would be better. A book.

Say What

Think about it, a book lasts forever (or typically longer than any human will and much longer than flowers). You can take it any where with you. Enjoy it over and over and over again. Yes, books are PERFECT !!!!!!!




So as I was telling my friend this, a young boy overheard our conversation and said that if I loved reading books I was boring and was going to live the rest of my life alone.

How rude

So I guess instead of being a crazy cat lady, I guess I will be a crazy book lady.


Sounds good to me!


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