Can’t Work

forced to work

True story!

But I just can’t…


Or the other excuse that should be valid for missing work/school


It’s  why I can’t do finals, or homework, or ….

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My Weekend is Booked


Weekend reading

It’s like I tell myself, I’m only going to read a few pages or until a certain point, but then find myself reading much, much, much, more.


And I’ll try and tell myself, no you need to get back to work. You have stuff to do, laundry, dishes, homework, etc.

PutthebkDownIt’s like, we really just need time set aside in life for us to read.


After all:


You just can’t stop with one.

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It’s a Wrap

So I have been absent for quite some time. I know, I know, I’m sorry.


A lot has happened since October. I had my senior sem paper, other homework, work, family, friends, boyfriend, etc. So let me wrap up the last few weeks.

So I totally missed Veterans’ Day, and sorry to all you in the armed forces I really appreciate everything you do. It doesn’t make up for it but check out last years post, Let’s Hear It For the BoysI also totally missed Thanksgiving, but in my defense I was out of town, had homework, and had my aunt’s wedding. If you are totally in need of such a post, check out Thanks a Lot.

But never fear, right now I have plenty more holiday posts in the works. There will be the 25 Films of Christmas, A Horse’s Tale (Chinese New Year), and Romance is in the Air Part II. All coming soon.

Now remember back in the summer when I talked about my boyfriend? (Apologies, What’s the Dealio, Warm BodiesWell we broke up. I’m not sure what really happened, everything seemed fine to me, but apparently something happened that made him change his mind and think that a long distance relationship was something he couldn’t do. The saddest thing for me is that I miss him a lot. I had been counting the days until I was off for Christmas break and we could spend time together. I was hoping that we would finish our Harry Potter/Jane Austen trade (What’s the Dealio). I had been thinking ahead to Christmas, (already bought his gift. His fav movie V for Vendetta and a Jack Skellington mug). I was planning New Year’s Eve. I was even thinking about next year, and how we would be together for V-Day. But now that is all gone. But what can I say, every time it seems that I make plans, life changes it up.


It wasn’t a bad breakup. I mean it is hard for me because a part of me can’t believe its over. I didn’t want the relationship to end, and it has been hard not having him in my life. I really, really, cared deeply for  him and now I have to get used to not having him around.

The nice thing is he’s no Wickham, Willoughby, Churchill, or Elliot. He wasn’t a liar, user, or cheater. Nope, if anything I’d have to say he was Charles Bingley or Anne Elliot. Something happened or someone said something that made Michael change his mind and convince him it wouldn’t work anymore. One of the worst things is not knowing why or what it was that caused that shift.

My grandfather also passed away at the same time. It was a hard Thanksgiving weekend. I don’t think I’ve gone a day without crying; from school, stress, Michael, grandpa, etc.

So I’m trying to move on. I know I will eventually, I just need time to get used to the fact that these people are no longer in my life. One way is to keep myself busy, which I can do with this blog and you guys. I’ll continue working on Happy Birthday Pride & Prejudice and my holiday posts.

Where Oh Where Can It Be?

Something I notice that happens whenever you need to go somewhere or do something, and am running behind schedule, you manage to lose an important item and have to spend a long time looking for it, an ALWAYS when you really need it. Here is a list I compiled:

1)Keys (They never seem to be around when you really need them. I lose my keys all the time)

2) Your left/right shoe (Always just one of them)


3) Your socks (I swear the dyer is the gateway to another dimension)


4) Flashdrive (Especially when there is an important document on it)

5) You homework (Sometimes it grows legs and walks away)

6) Your wallet (Always manages to be put in the wrong place)

7) Your purse (Doesn’t apply to most men)

8) A pen/pencil (They always seem to disappear)

9) Tape

10) Stapler (Always when I write a paper)

11) The card you bought weeks ago for someone (Now you have to buy a new one, and immediately find the old one afterwards)

12) Directions (GPS gets me even more lost)

13) Library Card

14) Change

15) Your cellphone (And as luck has it will usually be on silent or off)


16) Your hairbrush (I always look around singing this)

17) Your charger (And just as your phone/computer/whatever is dying)

18) Time (You lose so much looking for everything)

Send me a comment about anything you always seem to lose when it is most needed.


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