What You Care About is Important to Me: Beauty Pageant, Parks and Recreation (2009)

Most Romantic Moment #3

I started watching Parks and Rec when Amazon Prime added it and I love it as it describes how working for a public can be sometimes.

Parks and Rec follows the lives of the employees of the Parks and Rec department and all the shenanigans and things they get into/work on.

Ron Swanson is the head of the department and he is a libertarian who loves alcohol, meat, and trying to stop the government from “overreaching”. Under him is Leslie Knope, who loves Pawnee, government, overachieving, and doesn’t let anything stop her enthusiasm. The rest of the department is rounded out with Tom Haverford-who cares about fashion and making money, only being in government for “contacts”. Donna Meagle who is “mysterious” and cool: Gerry “Jerry” Gergich who everyone picks on; April Ludgate the intern who hates everything; and Andy who was musician, turned shoeshiner, turned P&R employee. Also thrown in is Leslie’s best friend Ann Perkins, a nurse, who at first doesn’t work for the department but ends up being roped in by Leslie.

Auditors Chris and Ben come for a visit to get the town back into shape, but end up staying in the town.

Most Romantic Moment #3: What You Care About is Important to Me

And while I love Leslie and Ben:

But before Ben was Officer Dave Sanderson, and I loved Leslie and him together (at least until Ben came along).

So, this episode is from season 2 episode 3. In this Leslie is judging a beauty contest and is asked out by Officer Dave Sanderson, who she met in the previous episode. Officer Dave asks her out, but Leslie’s hopes are dashed when he thinks the picture of Madeline Albright is a picture of her grandmother. Feeling like they will have zero in common, she blows him off.

Leslie goes into judging the beauty pageant and is full of joy and optimism, but then finds out that it means nothing. All the other judges don’t care about brains, talent, answers, etc-just who’s the hottest. And they keep going on and on about the empty headed Trish.


After the pageant, Officer Dave comes in and tells Leslie point blank he likes her, and hands her his number so that she can call him if she wants to go out. He then storms off-crashing into Trish without giving her a second look.

Yes, he didn’t care about “hottie” Trish that every guy has been salivating over.

Then Leslie knows she has a winner. She later calls him and he comes to her office. She asks him out to dinner and he agrees, naming all the “powerful” political women on her walls.

How romantic!

Aw! It’s so cute! He went and researched all the women, and even their policy, so that he could talk to her about it. I searched and searched but couldn’t find a screencap or clip. But if you watch it on Amazon it is adorable!

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