Tea Party Tea Terms Word Scramble

Party time!

Are you ready for another Tea Party game?

So for my 29th Birthday Jane Austen Tea Party, I shared a few tea themed games we played. Yesterday we had our tea advent swap with friends and had to come up with a game. I was trying to decide between the Tea Tray Memory Game and a Tea Trivia game, when I decided to do a Tea Terms Word Scramble.

I love doing word scrambles, and thought this would be so much easier as I wouldn’t have to bring any items or worry about it being too hard for anyone (I struggle with making my trivia too hard or too easy).

I also thought this would be a lot of fun, and it did turn out to be. I have the game below if you would like to use it and I have included the answers after the image. Enjoy!

Clotted Cream, kettle, cloth napkins, tea pot, scones, sugar cubes, tea tray, cream pitcher, earl grey, tea infuser, sandwiches, honey dipper, sugar tongs, teapot cozy, and sugar bowl.

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Jane Austen Birthday Party: What’s in Your Purse Game

So as you know if you have been following my page, I just celebrated my 29th birthday with a Jane Austen Garden Tea Party.

In my earlier posts, I have shared invitations, decorations, the menu, piñata, prizes, paper fan making, croquet, and more.

But you can’t have a party without games! The first game was Jane Austen trivia and the second game was a tea tray memory game. For the third game I decided to go with “Guess How Many Sugar Cubes”. For the last game I wanted to do “best dressed”, but my sister refused to help me by judging the winner. So instead we did “What’s In Your Purse?” I had wanted to do a Tea version a friend did a few years ago at a party, but I couldn’t find a copy of it and neither could she. I found this one online instead.

This game is always fun, and of course it just depends on whether the guests brought their big purse or a little one.

The winner received the teapot, honey, and scone mix from the Tea Tray Memory Game.

I know I’m sure you all wondering what else could I possibly share but I’m not done! I still have my music choices, my hair, my regency dress, and what kind of party favors I gave out to to share. Stay tuned!

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