It’s a Wrap

So I have been absent for quite some time. I know, I know, I’m sorry.


A lot has happened since October. I had my senior sem paper, other homework, work, family, friends, boyfriend, etc. So let me wrap up the last few weeks.

So I totally missed Veterans’ Day, and sorry to all you in the armed forces I really appreciate everything you do. It doesn’t make up for it but check out last years post, Let’s Hear It For the BoysI also totally missed Thanksgiving, but in my defense I was out of town, had homework, and had my aunt’s wedding. If you are totally in need of such a post, check out Thanks a Lot.

But never fear, right now I have plenty more holiday posts in the works. There will be the 25 Films of Christmas, A Horse’s Tale (Chinese New Year), and Romance is in the Air Part II. All coming soon.

Now remember back in the summer when I talked about my boyfriend? (Apologies, What’s the Dealio, Warm BodiesWell we broke up. I’m not sure what really happened, everything seemed fine to me, but apparently something happened that made him change his mind and think that a long distance relationship was something he couldn’t do. The saddest thing for me is that I miss him a lot. I had been counting the days until I was off for Christmas break and we could spend time together. I was hoping that we would finish our Harry Potter/Jane Austen trade (What’s the Dealio). I had been thinking ahead to Christmas, (already bought his gift. His fav movie V for Vendetta and a Jack Skellington mug). I was planning New Year’s Eve. I was even thinking about next year, and how we would be together for V-Day. But now that is all gone. But what can I say, every time it seems that I make plans, life changes it up.


It wasn’t a bad breakup. I mean it is hard for me because a part of me can’t believe its over. I didn’t want the relationship to end, and it has been hard not having him in my life. I really, really, cared deeply for  him and now I have to get used to not having him around.

The nice thing is he’s no Wickham, Willoughby, Churchill, or Elliot. He wasn’t a liar, user, or cheater. Nope, if anything I’d have to say he was Charles Bingley or Anne Elliot. Something happened or someone said something that made Michael change his mind and convince him it wouldn’t work anymore. One of the worst things is not knowing why or what it was that caused that shift.

My grandfather also passed away at the same time. It was a hard Thanksgiving weekend. I don’t think I’ve gone a day without crying; from school, stress, Michael, grandpa, etc.

So I’m trying to move on. I know I will eventually, I just need time to get used to the fact that these people are no longer in my life. One way is to keep myself busy, which I can do with this blog and you guys. I’ll continue working on Happy Birthday Pride & Prejudice and my holiday posts.

On the 12th Day ’til Christmas: The 12 Men of Christmas (2009)

On the 12 Day ’til Christmas my blogger gave to me


The 12 Men of Christmas (2009)

Now this is a film that is very pleasing to any woman out there. E.J. Baxter is a genius New York publicist that after being betrayed by her fiance, leaves that life to move out to Montana. When she gets there she clashes heads with good-looking bad boy, Will Albrecht. She hears the plight of the volunteer search-and-rescue team, as their lack of funds are causing them to use out-of-date equipment. E.J. comes up with the idea of creating a “naked” calendar (nothing is shown but bare chest) to raise the money.

The calendar is a success and both Will and E.J. realize that there is more to each other than meets the eye and they fall in love. After some misunderstandings the two break up, and E.J. returns to the big apple.  When she gets there, she realizes how dissatisfied she is and goes back reuniting with Will; the end!


However, when I was watching it I realized that a lot of the storyline was just like Pride and Prejudice

1) Their Names

  • Their names are
  • (Main Guy) Will = Fitzwilliam Darcy
  • (Main Girl) E.J. = Elizabeth Jane
  • (Main Girl’s BFF) Jan:  Jane -E = Jan

2) Comment Trama

  • Will Albrecht says something to E.J. and it causes them to hate each other. Just like how Darcy makes that comment about Elizabeth. In this film Will was the one who was prejudiced while E.J. was the one who was prideful.



3) Water Scene

  • They also do a water scene [copying Pride & Prejudice (1995)]. E.J. visits a fancy manor house and happens across Will who is swimming in the pool. Of course this scene is taken much further than P&P. In this version Will is in his birthday suit, but because it is on TV, we don’t see anything.
12 Men of christmas naked man

4) Wickham Surfaces

  • E.J. starts dating this guy Mike who hates Will. He tells her that Will is a horrible guy as he dumped his fianceé on their wedding night, leaving her stranded at the altar. He also goes on about there was this perfect modeling job that Will had for his store, but Will kept Mike from getting it because he was jealous of him. This is just like when Wickham goes on and on about Darcy being awful and taking away his inheritance and chance to become a minister.



5) Persuasive Person

  • E.J.’s friend, Jan, has been in love with Will’s best friend Eric forever and has been waiting ever patiently for him to ask her out. He is about to, but Will convinces Eric that Jan doesn’t really care for him. Eric listens to his friend and drops all of his attentions to Jan, completely breaking her heart. Just like Bingley was easily swayed by Darcy; Eric is swayed by Will.
Broken Heart

6) Terrible Proposal

  • One random day Will decides to go to E.J’s office and tells her that even though he fought it and is disgusted with himself, he is in love with her. He goes on and on about how displeased he is, just like Darcy does to Elizabeth when he asked her to marry him. And just like Elizabeth Bennet, E.J. turns him down cold; claiming that he was the last person in the world she would ever get with.
Mr.Darcy Pride&Prejudice


7) Disgrace Be Gone

  • So the calendar is going well and they have finished the first 11 months and ready to start on the 12th when the last guy drops out. They can’t find anyone to replace him and don’t know what to do when Will steps forward and fills in their empty slot. Not only does Will save the day, but E.J. realizes that she loves Will. Just like when Darcy saved Elizabeth’s family from disgrace over the Lydia scenario, E.J. too was saved from disgrace.

12menofchristmas-03 half-naked horse



8) Miss King-ed Out of My Mind

  • Mike stops paying attention to E.J., eventually breaking up with her. This is fine as she realizes Will is the one she wants to be with. Later we find out that just like Wickham tried to go higher than the Bennets by attempting to get with Miss King, Mike traded up. He gets with a rich, recently divorced woman. Unlike Wickham, he ends up with her.

9) Wickham’s Wicked Reveal

  • At the end we find out that Will wouldn’t give Mike the job because he stole his fiancee. His fianceé cheated on him with Mike, and left Will stranded at the altar, not the other way around. Just like in P&P as we find out that the lies spread about by Wickham to the whole town are untrue, we find out the lie spread by Mike about Will dumping his fiancé is also false.

Darcy Wickham Pride&Prejudice


10) Reunited Couples

  • In the end Jan and Eric have finally gotten together; along with Will and E.J. working through their pride and prejudices. Just like P&P, we have a very happy ending.
12 Men of Christmas
It’s a great film and you should watch it. You definitely should check out the calendar. Mr. May is my favorite, I’d keep him up all year long. I mean I would rather end up with him as he is super HOT!
the12menofchristmas mr. may
If you’re wondering Mr. December, as I said earlier, is Will and  Mr. July is the very uncute Mike (I don’t see how anyone would find him attractive).
I think it is a great movie and I highly recommend you watching it! To find out when it will be playing on Lifetime go here.
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